Workshop SpeedLingua and GenevaLogic

Just returned from an exciting and intense workshop with Martin Velasco the founder of SpeedLingua. Earlier this year GenevaLogic and SpeedLingua announced to work together in the distribution of the innovative products of SpeedLingua through the market access GenevaLogic has in more than 30 countries worldwide. We started the distribution of the products in the German speaking markets in spring very successfuly.

Since the first meeting I had with Martin in Geneva late last year I have been impressed about the entrepreneurial spirit that fills a room when Martin enters it. And also from the beginning I was so excited about the innovative idea and technology behind SpeedLingua. You do not know what SpeedLingua is? SpeedLingua is an innovative method and software application based on the principles of the audio-phonology theory and treatment of the ear in real time. By listen to music or by speaking your foreign language the system modulates your wrong frequency to the right one and sends it to your ear. According to the theory that your ear is responsible how you pronounce you can improve your speaking by simply training your ear. The result is amazing: I will post a movie about a Chinese girl taking lessons in English before and after using SpeedLingua or a French guy talking English before and after soon. The reason for this improvement lies in the different native frequency of our languages. Biggest differences are between French and English or Chinese and English.

Now, we here at GenevaLogic believe that classroom management and language lab will be soon the same, means that they will converge. The more the existing equipment in schools not only is used for IT classes the more will increase the demand to use the same infrastructure also for language classes. And there comes SpeedLingua in the game. I strongly believe that this system is one of the few innovative improvements in the way we are able to learn a language. And pronunciation is a key factor to loose the shyness of speaking a foreign language. If you feel secure in speaking simple conversation in a foreign language you become motivated to learn more and to increase your knowledge of grammar and words. The foreign language becomes your friend and not your enemy.

So Martin Velasco and people from our sales and business development (Fränzi, Karin and Ivo) units shared thoughts about how to bring these systems together with our market position and products. Also we were discussing different models to enter the markets. Especially for China we discussed the different experiences we made on both sides. We all agreed on the fact that there is a unique window of opportunity for a powerful market entrance since the next Olympic Games coming up in 2008 will be held in Beijing and the big world exhibition will be held in Shanghai in 2010. What reason is this for languages? Everybody who already tried to take a taxi in Shanghai or Beijing knows what opportunity this means. Simply no one is able to speak English or to understand English. Not to speak about any shops or policemen in the street. Imagine all the visitors from arround the world 2008 in Beijing. Therefore there several projects going on to train all these people in crash courses in English. And that is exactly where we want to step in.

Having now Olivier Bloch setting up our presence in China I am confident that it is also possible for a small company like GenevaLogic to successfully enter into the Chinese market. Even more having such wonderful partnerships like the one with SpeedLingua. It is just great fun to work with such entrepreneurs like Martin Velasco.


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