That’s the proof – viral Internet marketing works

I admit: I have seen a lot of ideas, a lot of crap and alot of hope for business in the Internet. But this is just the proof that a brilliant idea using the Internet works. This is simply history!
Paintings 1-1000

Check this out: You can buy a number on the Internet.

A young artist called Sala released a very well done Internet site on February this year selling the numbers 1 to 1000. Each number is painted in blue on a white canvas. Each number is therefore unique and is a piece of one big piece of art spread arround the globe. The brilliant idea about the whole thing is the pricing. The price for a number is $1000 minus the Number. In addition the initial pricing is cheaper. The more numbers sold the more will the price rise. Brilliant!

I got my self the number 691! Even though my wife after I confessed late in the evening told me that she thinks I am crazy. She asked me to ask the painter to change the color to orange then the painting would fit in our color scheme…

This project will go into all the Internet history books! It is just genious – and the best: It's Swiss!

The fine young artist is based in Basel. (Another great story for Mr. Imwinkelried…)

So hurry up to buy your NUMBER! The bet is on: more blog and media coverage and the thing is done and allpaintings sold!
And if you think: No big marketing costs, no big advertising – just viral Internet communication! Any questions?


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