My Vision – by Kirk Greiner

Since we share so many things in business live together we also have the same passion: Empowering Education. And since Kirk does not blog I thought that I want to share his thoughts with also a broader audience. His text was published in our worldwide Newsletter to our customers. It also expresses our "Vision" at GenevaLogic. Thanks Kirk!

My Vision
by Kirk Greiner, President – GenevaLogic Inc.

My vision is that technology in education will become both ubiquitous and invisible at the same time.  That education through technology will become the great liberator and equalizer, helping teachers of every culture, geography and discipline ensure, not that no child is left behind, but that all children are brought forward.  That the potential of technology will be fully realized where every student has access to an education, every teacher feels confident in their use of technology and learning opportunities that could not have been thought possible to my generation will be common place to children of all future generations.

My vision is that no teacher should fear technology, be threatened by it or replaced by it.  That the integration of technology into the classroom will be as easy and as necessary as the use of a pencil or book is now.

Today many educators view technology as the proverbial glass half full, a promise yet to be kept or at best a work in progress.  Edward R. Murrow once said, “This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box”.  He was speaking of the television in 1958, but the same could be said of the computer in today’s schools.

Some educators have made great strides with technology, yet many barriers lie before us.  Computers are too expensive, content consists of a patchwork of offerings, the computer learning environment is not universally reliable and most teachers still feel uncomfortable trying to manage technology in the classroom.  In time these barriers will fall but the questions of when and how are not easily answered.

My vision is to accelerate the removal of these barriers, but I am a realist.  I cannot lower the cost of computers, I am not in the business of creating content and I cannot train every teacher how to combine curriculum with technology.  My contribution is to help create tools that make technology easier to use for teachers.  To that end the measure of my success will not be the amount of sales GenevaLogic generates, the growth in the monetary value of the company or how well our products compare to the competition.  The measure of my success will be how many teachers and students derive benefit from technology through the use of our products.

At the beginning of this article I said my vision was that someday technology in education would be invisible.  It sounds like a strange concept, to make something with so much potential benefit irrelevant.  But that would miss the point.  The technology, the wires, the pixels, the disk drives and all the rest are just tools.  Their relevance lies not in that they exist at all, rather, their relevance is determined by how those who educate and those who learn use them.  If we, who are in the business of developing technology for educational purposes succeed in putting the focus on the educator and the learner then we succeed in realizing the full benefits of technology in education.  That is my vision.


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