Web 2.0 company or just silly youth language

We just discussing the name of a new project in our network. And what comes out as a project name: BuBBles – ok sounds still good and is correct written. But if you want to register a cool domain then just to change "b" to "B" will not help. So we often see domains like plazes.com.

If you compare the hype of such names with some English language on tagworld or MySpace you don't know the difference.

By searching for names I found this from danah boyd

Y'know the "suP WIt IT pLAY bOI."

But these are the same people who are rattling on about companies named things like Sxip and Flickr and Revver and Goowy and del.icio.us and Zooomr and Oyogi and Zvents. ::smacking forehead:: Just because you're making weird words to get domain names doesn't make your behavior any different than the teens making up words to be unparsable by adults.


It is interessting in what direction this will lead us. I try to imagine to tell my father 75 years old to go on these sites – and even as a Swiss I have sometimes a hard time to understand some US-Slang meanings of such site names. Maybe there will be soon a dictionary for all NON-US or lots of marketing dollar will be spent to make sure that we old Europeans will understand this e-world… 😉


If you want to have a laugh, check out Cerado's Web2.0 or Star Wars Character?. I'm worried about the people who can win at this


and you should get a special price as European participant…


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